I was touched deeply today. Reminded that the simple things we do, the little things we do…matter. Matter more than we realize. Magic in the matter. Magic in the touch. Magic in kindness and love.

A few months back I ordered “Life Vest Kindness Cards”. I wasn’t sure where they would all go, though at the time ordering 100 seemed right. They sat for a time and I knew that where they needed to go would be revealed…right on time.

With Easter approaching, I made up Easter boxes for family and friends. Some got mailed to faraway places and some I hand delivered to people I see and touch each day. Each box was a mini Easter basket with sweets, eggs with jelly beans and chocolate…and some had a dollar. Each box had a “Life Vest Kindness Card” in it. I didn’t pick and choose who got which card…I just blindly put them in each box and trusted that the right card would get to the right person.

I made boxes for all the girls down at the bank. Their smiles and giggles were my gifts. The assistant branch manager was out that day, so I placed her box in her chair. At the time I didn’t know why she was out…until today. Sadly she was out because her mother had taken ill and passed away. She approached me this morning as I walked towards the elevator…she was coming in from outside. A short walk to help her compose her day. She stopped me from getting on the elevator. With tears in her eyes she said, “I just wanted to thank you for my Easter box of goodies…more importantly the “Life Vest Kindness Card” that was in my box. My card said “Take the time to tell someone you love them.” That touched me the most. My mother passed away and I was able to get home and tell her I loved her before she departed.” Then I had tears in my eyes and we gave each other a big hug. Magic.
How I was touched this morning, moved me to the distribution of the rest of the “Life Vest Kindness Cards”. This story in an envelope, with a card and a dollar.

The significance of the dollar comes from my childhood. My grandmother who had 5 children with spouses, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, was on a fixed income and could not afford to purchase gifts for everyone. So to make sure no one was left out or forgotten on birthdays and holidays…each of us got a card with a brand new dollar bill in it. My grandmother passed away when I was sixteen years old. She is missed deeply on this physical plane, though with me each day. Growing up those cards and dollar bills meant more to me than anything I ever received, because she remembered me and loved me. Simple…I mattered to her.
One dollar bills remind me that the simple things we do, the little things we do…matter. Matter more than we realize. Magic in the matter. Magic in the touch. Magic in kindness and love.
I trust the Universe will make sure that each of these envelopes arrives right on time, to the person that was meant to have it. Know that you are felt and loved. Know that you are special. Know that you matter.
Wishing you Peace, Love and Light on your journey ~


This beautiful post was written with love by Life Vest Inside Kindness Ambassador and Group Leader, Laura Jenson. Thank you for being YOU Laura! You are truly wonderful!