What Life Vest Inside Means to You?

Life Vest Inside embraces ALL people…period! As such, Life Vest Inside has come to mean something different and special to each person that connects with its message; a message of hope, a message of love, a message of faith in humanity and faith in ourselves. Our greatest “life vest” exists within ourselves. The more we recognize our beauty, the more readily we can recognize the beauty within others.

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Why do you LOVE Life Vest Inside?

“I have reached an unimaginable level of happiness now, all because of this organization… Kindness is a very powerful thing and it has changed my life indeed.” ~ Jeremy Swanson, Denver, Colorado USA

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“Life Vest Inside has made my life so much more happier and now I’m pitching an idea to help run serve groups around the community so I can inspire others to be kind too!” – Montana Markland, Tweed Heads, Australia

“You taught me to be kind and loving. You taught me how to find inner peace. You taught me to forgive people. You saved a life. You changed someone’s life story. You opened the gates to a better future for a human being. You made me happy again. What I learned from you, I am giving to others. I’m just one out of many thousands of your followers. Imagine how many lives you have changed. You may not have changed the world, but you’ve changed my world!” – Frederick Kunst, Denmark

“In light of what you are doing I wish and hope that your Organization keeps flourishing… I have also seen that YOU and LVI give a lot of people out there a Community where they have a chance to belong to, no matter what each individual case is you give them a “Home”. You are like a mother to a huge family… It’s nice to know that your light is out there… lighting the way away from darkness.”Paul G. Germany

One of the biggest things that LVI has done for me is show me that I can become an ACTIVE participant in changing the world through kindness. I don’t have to be a millionaire, a movie star, or a politician to help change the world. All I have to be is me! And that is more than enough to help Orly and this AMAZING organization.” – Jeff Kuske Bartow, FL USA

“You and your team have developed an incredible platform of kindness. The heart of your purpose is beating strong! I know your organization will continue to strive and impact lives in the most positive ways.” – Lee Babirad CEO, Founder of The AOK Project

“This may sound sort of epic, but I believe that your kind, brilliant minds have crafted the most amazing, life changing way of living. Thank you for all you do.” – Alana Cummings

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“When you open your heart you may be surprised to find a piece of yourself that you have lost sight of.”

~Orly Wahba

Heart to Heart with Orly

“When you open your heart you may be surprised to find a piece of yourself that you have lost sight of.”

~Orly Wahba

Heart to Heart with Orly