“Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can.”

– John Wesley


I couldn’t help but be touched by these captivating words that prompted me to engage in introspection. The very sight of the words weaved a magic on me. I was mesmerised and bewildered, but mostly perplexed. How can someone engage in a noble cause in which there is no money to get out of it?


Why should someone spend his time doing well for others? Why shouldn’t it be “tit-for-tat”? The world is avaricious enough, people are self-centred and mean, so why should I not reciprocate the the same thing? These thoughts sprung up in my mind, but I managed to break the flurry of them.


The answer to those questions is “our way of thinking”. It is how we look at things, how we perceive things. Obviously, I believe that our thoughts are shadows of our parents, the texture in which we are nurtured. However, I opine that us, humans, have got acumen. We have got our insight to tell us what is right and what is wrong.


If I ask, “What is your contribution in making this world a place of our dreams?” then one may defend himself by saying that “I am too small to make a difference.” This is where we exhibit tomfoolery.  Now, just to corroborate my point, I wish to give an example. Historically, we see that there were invaders who ransacked our country. Their rule was atrocious and people witnessed brutal activities. As a result, crime was at its peak. In stark contrast, the reign of rulers that were benevolent and kind saw humanitarian deeds by common people.


Therefore, whatever we see, we tend to apply that in our lives, no matter whether it is right or wrong. Very few follow their brains. On similar grounds, we learn from our parents. That is human nature –  to learn from the imposing individuals around us. If we can inspire someone to head towards graciousness, then we can be a link in a chain to promote kindness all around.


I strongly feel that one can derive inspiration from what is around us.Nothing around us is useless. We can learn to be good even from stray animals. To drive home my point, I will share a personal experience.


I was quite moved by a kind act of a dog towards its female counterpart. I often offer milk to stray dogs. There were a pair of dogs would wag their tails at the threshold as a sign of hunger. It had become routine for them to fight for the right to drink the milk first, but the scenario seems to have changed in the past few days. Now, the male dog allows its female counterpart to have milk first and never interferes while she is consuming the milk. That was something very difficult for me to digest at first. What was the reason for such an aberrant behaviour? Soon I came to know that the female dog had given birth to puppies, so the dog allowing his counterpart to have milk was just an act of profound care. Kindness is possible even in animals. One who needs motivation to be benevolent can be inspired by animals. It is abstruse how humans, who consider themselves as masters of nature, fail to understand such an easy thing while animals are practicing it.


This pragmatic world believes in “tit-for-tat.” If someone is doing wrong, he should be reciprocated in the same manner. However, if someone is insightful enough, he may see the other side of it. What if I say, if someone is doing good to you, he should be reciprocated with the same goodness? It sounds laudable. Again, it is a matter of our thinking. Broaden your mind to see both sides of a coin.


One may recognise oneself as significant amongst the crowd. A single act of kindness may even change the life of someone. It is necessary to fill one’s life with bliss. There are many destitutes who are void of education. The ones who are poor have no access to basic facilities and necessities. What we have as necessities may be a dream for them. So, can’t we manage our time to help these unfortunate ones? Can’t we make plausible efforts to remove or decrease the gap between two sections of society? Yes, we can. All we need is grit, determination and unflagging persistence.


If we vow to teach even a single child, we can make a difference. The day “each one, teach one” gets into effect, we’ll see a commendable change. In addition to teaching, we can pool funds to provide a decent life for impoverished ones. Also,the elderly can benefit from our activities. They can be given needed treatment for ailments, as well.


At the end, it is imperative to remind people that spreading kindness is not mandatory, rather it is an obligation. We are not being given any certificate for performing noble deeds, but the ecstasy that one experiences is above the rewards given in lieu of carrying the chore. And after all, it is our planet, our home, and it is our part to make it a fantastic place and stand enthralled for the

triumphant success in making the world we want!!!!!


“No one loves you, you make yourself lovable. It is the time for greatness – not for greed. It is the time for idealism – not for ideology. It is the time not just for compassionate words, but it is the time for compassionate actions.”

– Marian Wright Edelman


Abhinav Sharma currently resides in Jalandhar, a city in the north-western Indian state of Noida (JIIT) where he is pursuing his bachelors degree in technology. His hobbies include listening to music and writing poems, stories, and articles where he is able to express himself and pour out his feelings. Abhinav dreams of one day becoming a famous TV personality and he considers his parents and siblings to be his greatest source of strength and support.



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