from LVI’s newest intern!

Hi I’m Ellie! I am a junior at Animas High School in Colorado and for the past three weeks, I have been interning at Life Vest Inside. I found LVI when researching non-profit organizations in New York City, reached out to the staff, and made it my mission to become part of the team!

Saying that these last three weeks were fun, would be an understatement. It has been a privilege to work with and become friends with this incredible staff. I have learned so much throughout the course of my internship. In particular, I have learned the importance of social media outreach, event coordination, content creation, and communication within the organization. One of the great things about Life Vest Inside is that they try to respond to every comment on social media, which is a lot of work. I was taught how to properly and professionally answer these comments to further promote Life Vest Inside.

As a personal project, I planned a staff event for Life Vest Inside. This process was really fun because I had a lot of freedom as to what I could plan. I ended up putting together a “Scavenger Hunt” that required the participants to utilize items in a bag to spread kindness around New York City. On a daily basis, I would do a lot of social outreach, as well as responses to social media comments. I would also do content creation, which consisted of finding and researching appropriate posts to share and promote Life Vest Inside. In addition to my daily tasks, I learned a lot about the significance of communication to keep an organization functioning smoothly. The staff has a group chat that is used to track what has been completed and what has yet to be completed, this prevents a lot of miscommunication and minimizes the work load because it prevents people from doing the same work.

Overall, this has been a very humbling experience. The mission of Life Vest Inside has been empowering to be a part of and I am proud to say that I took part in such a selfless organization.