Malek Labidi

Gabes, Tunisia


The Simple Things

“I felt so happy, and it’s emotional when you see old people hurting inside. I felt a happiness for once with strangers.”

It’s easy for most of us to go through our day and be able to do something kind for a random person like buying their coffee, holding the door for someone, or just simply paying them a compliment. But for those who are unable to get around easily such as those in nursing homes, they can often feel forgotten. When Valentine’s Day came around in Gabes, Tunisia, one woman decided she’d ensure that a few extra people were remembered in a way they would never forget.

Malek Abidi headed to a local nursing home along with 25 flowers, perfumes, clothing and a heart filled with kindness. Malek was overcome with emotions and happiness as she talked with members of the nursing home, some of whom expressed that they felt as though their children had forgotten about them.

quote-openMalek connected with them and played games throughout the day, bringing her a sense of happiness she had never experienced with strangers.quote-close

“I felt so happy I could help! It’s emotional when you see old people hurting inside.”

Malek walked into the nursing home to bring some joy to strangers, but they ended up bringing her a sense of joy and an experience she will never forget.

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