Mark Shaw

London, United Kingdom


Selfless Kindness of a Stranger

“I felt so happy, and it’s emotional when you see old people hurting inside. I felt a happiness for once with strangers.”

As a medical student, Mark sees uplifting and heartwarming moments of kindness, love, and empathy all the time in wards and clinics. But one encounter stood out.

Mark and a few other students were in a bus station in a small Scottish town during their holiday when an elderly lady fell over nearby hitting her head. It was a twenty minute wait for an ambulance and a small crowd gathered around them as they started checking on her.

But one woman in particular stood out. Like all of the other strangers in the crowd, this woman could’ve gone home as soon as the ambulance came. But she didn’t. She accompanied the elderly lady to the hospital.

The next day, the elderly lady was discharged with a clean bill of health. She was surprised to find her family there waiting for her. The kind stranger hadn’t only stayed with her overnight, she reached out to her family to keep them in the know. Twenty-four hours of one stranger bestowing kindness onto another.

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