Ten Second Effort


I’m sharing the following Newsletter written by Kindness Partner, Stephen De Groot, founder of an amazing organization, Getting to Better. Stephen has coordinated the “10 Second Act of Kindness” wherein we’re giving away an amazing loot of goodies for 10 seconds of your time to support Life Vest Inside.
I would like to thank my Kindness Partners: Stephen De Groot from Getting to Better, Travis Hellstrom from Advance Humanity, and Lydia Criss-Mays from See Beautiful for their amazing support and contributions.
By Stephen De Groot: 
10 Second Effort for a KINDER WORLD
…and a chance to WIN an Awesome GIFT!
Hello There Everybody!
I want to help you, help make the world a BETTER place in 10 seconds or less and, give you a Chance to WIN an amazing Appreciation Gift for your efforts! See below for the contents of the Appreciation Gift.
As a proud Kindness Partner and Board member of Life Vest Inside (LVI), we at Getting to Better have teamed up with See Beautiful™ and Advance Humanity to support and spread the important messages about KINDNESS and how we can all make the world a Better Place.
Orly Wahba, Founder and CEO of LVI is working to spread such an INSPIRING message through TED talks. She is currently a TED Talks Talent Search Contestant from New York. We would like to help spread her message by supporting her to become a finalist, so that the LVI Kindness message can reach more people!
  • Forward this newsletter to any number of your contacts and your name will be entered to win the AWESOME Appreciation Gift. Be sure to copy steve@gettingtobetter.ca so that we can confirm and enter your name.
  • Go to Orly’s video and listen to her INSPIRING message. Make a comment on the video. Once completed, send us an e-mail at steve@gettingtobetter.ca saying “I commented” and your name will be entered 5 TIMES into the draw for the AWESOME Appreciation Gift
Click HERE to see Orly, Listen and Comment on her INSPIRING Message.
Regardless of whether you choose the 10 second Effort or the 5 minute Effort, we will all be Winners as we support Orly, Life Vest Inside and a KINDER, more BEAUTIFUL, BETTER world.
You only have until August 31st to make an effort to help. The Draw will be made on September 3 and announced once the winner has been informed!
AWESOME Appreciation Gift 
(All in one Great Package)
Life Vest Inside Contribution – Kindness Package 
  • Life Vest Inside sweatshirt
  • Life Vest Inside hat
  • Life Vest Inside folders
  • Life Vest Inside wristband
  • 25 Witness Cards
  • 50 Assorted Acts of Kindness Cards
  • 5 Life Vest Inside Stickers
  • 5 Life Vest Inside postcards
See Beautiful™ Contribution – Bottle, Tag, Bracelet
Getting to Better Contribution 
Parenting Seminar (MP3) with Steve de Groot

This MP3 disc was recorded during Steve de Groot’s Getting to Better tour in Australia. It is exceptionally entertaining and packed with over 2 hours of hundreds of effective parenting tips and proven strategies for helping parents and their pre-teens and teens Get to Better.

Advance Humanity Contribution
  • The Unofficial Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook brings together Volunteers serving from around the world to help one another through their Peace Corps service by sharing lessons, anticipating challenges and working together as a worldwide community.
  • Enough: 3 years of lessons on life, love, and living in Mongolia with the Peace Corps
  • Free download of Everyday Service class: a class about amazing everyday humanitarians
Thank you SO MUCH for your support to help with a KINDER and more BEAUTIFUL World.
Click HERE for Orly’s THANK YOU!
With Love and Bunches of BETTER,
Steve de Groot