Spreading the Message of Kindness

One Person at a Time

The emails, posts, and messages I receive from people who have been inspired by Life Vest Inside are by far my most valuable possessions. They remind me that the choice I have made to dedicate my time towards spreading kindness, empowering people, and hopefully giving people a glimpse of the beauty they have inside – is in fact worth every second of every minute of every hour of every day that I spend working on building up Life Vest Inside to become a world changing organization and movement that I know it can be.

Some people call me crazy for leaving my job and investing all I have in Life Vest Inside. They call me a dreamer, a foolish optimist and question me by asking, “Do you really think you’re going to make a difference?” To those people I say, “YES!”  All I have to do is show them the thousands who have raised their voices in kindness – you have not simply been inspired and let that inspiration fade, as inspiration tends to do. But, who have acted upon it and made a change, even if in the smallest degree! I believe in this world, but more importantly I believe in the people who make up this world – I believe in YOU!

I recently received an email from a fan of Life Vest Inside, Faizan Sheikh, an individual with a heart of gold. I may not have physically met him, but his sincerity shines through his words. I would like to share his email with you as further proof that kindness is the key to the future.

~Orly Wahba


Dear Orly,

There are times when we are in the dilemma whether to do good for others or not. But I would say, Orly, your Energy inspires me to pass on this message of Kindness and if we really bring awareness to kindness I would say that it holds tremendous uplifting power.

Here is a wonderful experience I would like to share with you.

I am working as a Fire Safety Consultant in Ceasefire Industries Limited. Last month I was supposed to impart a Fire safety Training in Mico Bosch Limited. That day I thought to bring something new to the training session. It was a wonderful experience for me when I thought to include a strong message of Kindness at the end of my training session.

As I was about to end my training session, I requested that the people settle down because I want to give a very important message over to them. I created suspense and did not tell them that what was that “very important message. Instead I played the official video of LIFE VEST INSIDE.

After the video ended I asked them if they found the important message and everyone in chorus said KINDNESS. That was the moment I really felt amazing and blessed that I successfully forwarded this message of kindness even in a corporate Training session. Orly this is because your initiative and your ultimate energy inspires me to keep going.


God Bless You Orly and I am always there for you.

Sending you Lots of Love!!

~Faizan Sheikh


After taking a few moments to respond to Faizan’s great story, we quickly became friends and I am so excited that he has chosen to be a Group Leader in his region for our World Kindness Day event! (Further details on that to come)

Faizan, thank you for supporting the message of kindness! Your words have touched me!