An Act of Kindness

by Orly Nahum

I absolutely love receiving emails from fans of Life Vest Inside who share their everyday stories about acts of kindness they’ve experienced.

Thanks so much Orly Nahum for sharing your story with me:)

Today I encountered an absolutely amazing act of kindness and I felt that I should share this story with you. It literally occurred within the last hour and I am still shaking from it. I had gone to the city, uptown, to take care of a few issues for college. I then took the train to meet my sister Ayala in midtown. I was on the train for about 15 minutes tops.

After I got off the train (which was at 6:25) I received a Facebook request from a random girl which I thought was from someone I possibly met at school. I didn’t accept the friend request.

I then met up with my sister and we went shopping. At 7:50 I was waiting online to pay for a dress and Ayala called me and asked if I had lost my wallet because my other sister, Olga, had called and told her someone had found my wallet. I immediately looked into my bag and lo and behold my wallet was missing.

I called Olga and she said that a woman had called her up after finding her business card in my wallet to tell her that she had found my wallet. Olga forwarded me her number and I immediately called her up. The woman then told me that she was in the train station and saw a man pick up my wallet. She quickly ran up to the man and told him that it was her wallet that she dropped. 

I was speechless. I went to her house and picked up my wallet. In the car on the way home I realized that the girl that found my wallet was the “facebook friender”. I immediately accepted the friend request. A minute later I received message from this girl. I just want you to read the screen shot of the message because I am at a loss of words. This woman is the epitome of Life Vest Inside. 












Kindness is all around – open your eyes and you’ll be surprised by the amazing things you see!