Time “Froze” for Kindness

Singapore Kindness Movement

They were shopping, catching up over meals, chatting and laughing. In the midst of all this normal Saturday activity, things suddenly came to a standstill at Bugis Junction’s Atrium.

Shoppers looked around with curiosity, taking in the comedic yet bizarre sight – strangers frozen in position simultaneously amidst the hustle and bustle of the shopping mall.

Individuals and groups standing still on the phone or in the midst of conversation, a young guy who looked like he was about to fall into the water fountain, two friends frozen in a high-five, another fellow feeding his girl friend some ice cream, a well-dressed woman in the midst of a sneeze, even a balloon sculptor who was as still as his creations…

It was not until five minutes later, when the audible clock ticked away to the strains of the familiar melody of “Say a little Thank You”, that shoppers realized that time was crystallized to simulate a how little it takes to create a moment of kindness. Volunteers of the Singapore Kindness Movement then emerged and handed out the iconic kindness daisies with tags that encourage the carrying out of kind acts which only take a moment.

The message? To question ourselves when we give the excuse that there is no time to practice kindness, and that it only takes a fraction of our time to carry out kind personal acts that exude warmth and break barriers.  There’s always time to make someone’s day.

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Life Vest Inside applauds the AMAZING and DEDICATED team of leaders connected with the Singapore Kindness Movement!

We are glad to call you our Kindness Partners!

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