Gagandeep Singh Sehgal

Stratford, Canada


When Resilience Runs Low, Kindness Steps In

When one of Gagandeep’s colleagues and good friend was diagnosed with MS, he knew it wasn’t the first health challenge she had faced. He also knew he wanted to help. Gagandeep says that despite everything his beautiful friend went through, she met it with resilience and a smile on her face. She is an amazing photographer with a happy-go-lucky personality, and Gagandeep credits her as the most courageous person he’s met so far.

Although government health care covered many of her treatment costs, unfortunately when a different medication was prescribed full coverage was unavailable.

quote-openAdded travel costs for checkups in a distant city all began to take their toll on the fiery red head’s bright smile.quote-close

Gagandeep knew he had to do something that would help her reclaim her smile and become an inspiration to all others who might be going through the same challenges so he started a GoFundMe campaign to help with the costs. Many amazing people were able to raise money to help. Gagandeep is happy to report that his friend’s treatments are going well and her smile has definitely returned.

– Edited by Jewel Fries

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