Shirish K

Pune, India


Swept Away In Kindness

During his days working as a software engineer in Bangalore, Shirish had seen two worlds collide.

There was a group of people who were wealthy engineers and another group of less privileged staff such as the security guards, cleaners and cab drivers.

Shirish interacted with both the groups alike. During the two years he worked at the company, he spent time with the helping staff. He cherished the genuine bond he shared with them, chatting about their days, their troubles and their joys. He even got them sweets whenever he returned from his visits home. He did everything he could think of to show them that he thought about them outside the workplace as well.

In return, he earned their respect and gratitude. Oftentimes when he found himself in a tough spot, they would help him in any way they could. At his farewell, he recalls seeing tears in so many of their eyes.

Shirish remembers their warm goodbyes and best wishes and thinks of them as his kindness boomerang! Simple gestures instill love into the hearts of those who give and receive.

– Edited by Soumya John

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