Frieda A

West Long Branch, USA


Swept Away In Kindness

When Frieda was eight, her father showed her a lesson of true love that she would never forget.

Although a quiet man, he was a kind man. One day, he took her to the house of Mr. Brown, their elderly neighbour. His front yard looked like a jungle. The grass was almost as tall her her, there were weeds everywhere, it was a total mess!

Frieda and her siblings got to work under her father’s guidance with a bunch of gardening tools and big black garbage bags. They spent the entire day pulling weeds and cutting branches.

That’s a day she still recalls for the joy it brought to her, her family and Mr. Brown. As a grown up looking back at the day, Frieda remembers seeing what kindness and love looked like, something that her incredible father passed on to his entire family.

quote-openI don’t remember his words or even his smile, but I do remember the feeling he felt and I remember feeling it too.quote-close

– Edited by Soumya John

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