Jeremy Swanson

Denver, USA


Jeremy Swanson’s Bouquet of Kindness

“He was in complete and utter shock but he gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen! The type of smile that could change your life.”

For Jeremy Swanson, being kind and wanting to help others is something he does daily. He’s a fan of Life Vest Inside’s Act of Kindness cards, each card with a specific act of kindness to complete, and he carries out most of them on a daily basis. There was one act of kindness though that even this kindness veteran couldn’t seem to get to. But when he did, it led to a moment he’d never forget.

One day while sitting in the college library, Jeremy was thinking about that one act of kindness card. The card read, “Bring flowers to a hospital to give to patients who may not get any visitors.” Having a two hour break in between classes, a light bulb in his head went off and he told himself, “You know what? I’m going to do that one right now!”

He visited the nearest flower shop to get a big bouquet of flowers and then went to the Denver Health Hospital where he stopped at the front desk and simply asked, “Who may be in need of these flowers today?”

He was asked to go to the third floor. From there he was guided to a room by a nurse who said “I know the perfect guy! He had a knee replacement surgery. He’s been here for a few days and no one has showed up for him since then.”

When Jeremy walked in with the flowers the man couldn’t believe that they were for him, and from a complete stranger at that! “Are those for me?” the man asked in disbelief. And with a smile and joy, Jeremy replied, “They sure are!” The man’s face lit up with a huge smile that moved Jeremy and inspired him to continue going back with flowers to the hospital every month!

quote-openJeremy believes that such acts truly give us a one of a kind feeling and encourages each of us to join in and explore this amazing world of kindness!quote-close

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