Aashish Jagini

Columbia, USA


An Extra Kind Mile

“We often get into situations where we can take the easy path out or put some effort and make it special to someone. Don’t hesitate for the small effort you will have to put in, the result will be worth it.”

Aashish Jagini’s kindness journey began at his restaurant when one day he made a decision that would change his life and many others.

A year ago when Aashish took over the family business, he realized that after parties were hosted in the family’s restaurant, a lot of food remained. He and his family see many people suffering from hunger every day and so when he heard that leftover food was discarded, he was greatly bothered.

Despite it being a bit late in the evening, Aashish picked up the phone and immediately called a few orphanages to see if any of them could pick up the food from his restaurant. Fortunately he found one that was in need of food and also close to the restaurant. But they had no means of transport to collect the food and not nearly enough space to hold so much of it and for a long time.

Aashish didn’t allow this to stop him from the kind act he had set out to perform. He instantly knew that he had to go the extra mile, so he arranged for transport and allowed the orphanage to borrow his vessels.

The next day, Aashish called the orphanage and was touched to hear from the children who were overjoyed to have received such delicious food. At that moment, Aashish decided to make it a tradition and send food every time he could.

quote-openAashish believes that kindness is not a duty or a responsibility but a unique feeling that makes you happier as you share it.quote-close

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