O boy do I have a story for you guys! Just last night I had an amazing experience in NYC – my very own Kindness Boomerang:) I had a great meeting Downtown in NYC with an amazing woman, Reba, who was willing to spend some time with me to offer some insights for Life Vest Inside. Just so happens Reba needed to catch a train at Penn Station.

I was honored to give her a ride and figured it would give me a chance to head to Time Square to check up on a cool street band I was looking to connect with for an upcoming flash mob. After dropping Reba off, I headed to Time Square. Everyone knows parking in that area isn’t a walk in the park. Luckily, the kindness wheels were in motion and my path happened to cross with a kind hearted man by the name of Ace.

He was holding a large spot for a truck soon to come in. I asked him if I would be able to fit and still leave enough room for the truck. At first he didn’t think it was possible and I smiled, thanked him anyway and began pulling forward. Ace waved me down and said with a big smile on his face, “You know what, go ahead -we’ll make it work.”

Now that’s what I call Kindness! I told Ace about Life Vest Inside and handed him a card. I may have only needed the spot for a few moments, but the impression he left on me will remain with me always:)

Ace, one things for sure – you’re ACES in my book!