This past month, one of our amazing YouTube subscribers, Paul Dean Charlton II, reached out with words of kindness and shared a bit about his own journey to spread kindness and goodness into the world through poetry. He shared a couple of his poems with me and we got to talking. I then shared that each month we put out a newsletter focused on a different theme and this month’s theme is focused on humility. Paul emailed me one of his poems and I felt compelled to share it with all of you!

We each have our talents and it’s important that we use our talents to share goodness with the world. I’m so happy Paul emailed me. If you have something you would like to share with the Life Vest Inside community, I’d be honored to hear from you!

What is Humbleness

After an offer, a request was made,
I speak of humbleness often,
For it is needed to have your own damages truly soften,
So to shade your demons in the light,
I’ll write to share what I can on humbleness in might,
Trust I’m bumbling through life if I come into your sight,
See I’ve struggled long and juggled a lot of damage,
But, thankfully, I’ve gained my ways to manage,

That damage I call the cold,
That comes from ways in you, old,
That seem to be apart of what you cannot shake, your mold,
That gets you to ignore Golden Hearted pleas, aka what you’re told.

See, love, kindness, and humbleness go hand in hand,
And it’s what makes the best part of us, better women and men,
Don’t you understand,
Ripples of kindness is the devil’s own self violence,
So when you see someone struggle, don’t be unseen or a user of that thing, silence.

But I haven’t actually written was humbleness is,
Humbleness is bumbling through life and admitting it,
It’s seeing your damages but understanding another sees you as lit,
It’s ludicrous thoughts like giving away your trust with a most prized possession,
It’s being kind, in each and every action around an election,
It’s being there, with a heart on your sleeves and doing your good deeds,
Not to speak on them, except to inspire others to fly higher,
It is to choose to lose sight of yourself,
While so many can be seen keeping their heart on their shelf,
It’s being the one to heed,
When words spoken show someone struggling to juggle their copin,
It’s leaving less hearts hopin’ to be less broken.
What is humbleness?
I don’t think I truly know, yet,
But I’m out here trying to find it, bet.

Kilted Weirdo