When I think of humility the first image that comes to mind is a puzzle. Think about a 1,000 piece puzzle. If even just one piece were missing, it’s unlikely that you would frame the puzzle and hang it up on your wall proudly. After all, it would be incomplete. We are all a piece of the puzzle. Each one of us – different shapes, different colors, but each of us the same size. We all have something unique to bring into this world and each of our pieces is essential for the puzzle to be complete. No piece boasts that they are bigger than the others. Puzzle pieces recognize that for the picture to be complete, each piece has its designated spot with something to add to the overall picture. This is the essence of humility. The recognition that every person in this world has their place and is unique . The moment we recognize this, unkindness fades away and we can finally embrace people for who they are as opposed to who we want them to be.

We may not understand the puzzle of life or how certain pieces fit in, but that’s simply because the puzzle is ever growing and we don’t have the foresight to see the final picture. But rest assured, each person has their place. Our job is to respect each piece for what it adds to the final picture.

So search inside of yourself and recognize that the person staring back at you in the mirror is worth betting on. Once you do, betting on others is simple because you will finally have the vision to see beyond the one piece and see that there is a greater picture at play here.

Live your piece of the puzzle as best you can. You just may inspire others to follow suit.

~Orly Wahba