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speak at TED 2013

To all of the amazing Life Vest Inside followers – this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!

I had the honor of presenting on the topic of Kindness at the TED Talent Search in NY. The talk just went live and can be seen below.

The speaker with the most comments and positive feedback will be invited to speak at the TED 2013 event in Long Beach! Let’s bring the message of KINDNESS to the global world! We can do so with your help and feedback!

Please be KIND and WATCH the video, SHARE it with your friends and family, and take a few moments to COMMENT. This would mean a great deal to me and will help Life Vest Inside spreads its global message of Kindness, Empowerment, and Love! Click here to leave feedback!

Here’s to Kindness!

~Orly Wahba

Founder/CEO Life Vest Inside