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Life Vest Inside has had the very good fortune of finding writers willing to share their Kindness Stories/Articles with us. One of our special recurring writers is David Jablinowitz, Op-Ed Editor at Jerusalem Post, who is famous for his “bus stories.”

The Hug That Bridged Hearts

In a cozy corner of the city, squeezed between busy streets and lively cafes, was a store where people sold their old stuff. Inside, old stories clung to the shelves, and each thing held memories. One sunny day, something nice was going to happen here.
Evelyn, a kind grandma, walked into the store with a plan. She saw a dress – colorful and young – it seemed to burst with happiness. She pictured her granddaughter, Lily, spinning around in it, giggles floating in the air.
But money was a problem for Evelyn. She felt bad but talked to the shop owner, Sarah. “Can you keep this dress for me?” Evelyn asked, her voice hoping for good news.
Just when she thought she’d have to leave the dress, someone behind her spoke. “Can I buy the dress for you?” The words were true, and Evelyn turned to see a lady – kind and full of love.
Evelyn felt thankful, but she said no politely. “Thank you, but I can’t take such a big gift,” she said, happy but unsure.
The lady smiled with understanding. “I get it,” she said gently. Then she shared her own story – a story of hard times and hope, a life on the edge of not knowing.
“I didn’t have a home for three years,” she said. Her voice carried the weight of her past. “Kind people I didn’t know helped me – food, blankets, smiles. Those nice things helped me get back on my feet.”
Evelyn listened quietly. “I’m not homeless anymore,” the lady said, a gentle smile on her lips. “I promised I’d be kind to others, just like they were to me.”
With strong feelings, the lady paid for the dress. It wasn’t just buying – it was like they became friends in a special way.
She turned to Evelyn. “A big hug is all I want,” she said, her eyes shining.
Evelyn hugged the lady, feeling a lot without words. Two lives came together – one giving kindness, the other receiving – all because of a simple act of love.
When they let go, their eyes met. They knew things that weren’t said. With a thankful nod, the lady went away. Evelyn held the dress, a promise for Lily’s joy, and a reminder that kindness, like their hug, could cross even the widest parts of life.
~ Brielle Jordan

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Kindness Quote

“What this world needs is a new kind of army—the army of the kind.”

Cleveland Amory

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Share the road! Be mindful of bicyclists and pedestrians.

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I nurture a culture of kindness, love, generosity, and compassion in all my relationships.

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