Motivation Monday

Life Vest Inside has had the very good fortune of finding writers willing to share their Kindness Stories/Articles with us. One of our special recurring writers is David Jablinowitz, Op-Ed Editor at Jerusalem Post, who is famous for his “bus stories.”

A Message of Kindness from France

Bonjour from France to every dear reader.
I work as a garbageman to collect trash bags. Last Friday a lady couldn’t go down with her bag because of a leg surgery she had. She waited for us early in the morning. So at her balcony she asked me to take her bag and was sorry to throw it to me because of a recent surgery. In order to encourage her, I wrote her a letter and put it in her mailbox, encouraging her to be strong and courageous. She is a great person as well as her relatives and loved ones.
I wish you all the best and you will soon get 1,000 letters of acts of kindness. Always spread kindness to the whole world. Be strong and courageous! Keep on opening your great heart and giving to people. Keep on smiling and judging you and everyone favorably!
Good tidings and deliveries!
~ Jean-Charles Angot

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Kindness Quote

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”

Edmund Burke

Act of Kindness

In-box reaching record highs? Resolve to get to zero.

Positive Affirmation

Today I don’t let others tell me how to live. I will live the way I know I should, and do what makes ME happy!

Kindness Media

Alice Springs, Australia swept the world with kindness in this year's Dance for Kindness event!