Motivation Monday

Life Vest Inside has had the very good fortune of finding writers willing to share their Kindness Stories with us. One of our special recurring writers is David Jablinowitz, Op-Ed Editor at Jerusalem Post, who is famous for his “bus stories.”


I’m a teacher who has been teaching for a long time. Last Saturday I had the sad experience of going to a Celebration of Life for one of my former students. He was 51 years old with a wonderful wife and three adult daughters in their twenties. The service was very sad, but also inspiring. My student’s friends and one family member spoke about him.
Each person who spoke mentioned his gratitude–gratefulness for simple pleasures and for life in general. Even in the last days of his life, when asked how he was, his answer was, “grateful.” The speakers talked about how this man worked hard in his life, but he also incorporated fun into his daily routine. He would have celebration parties for no reason. He made everyone feel like he was their best friend. He helped those who needed help in this life. He nurtured and protected his friends and family. At the end of the service we meditated and thought about the man’s family and our own families. We were then asked to think about how we could become more like this wonderful man. It was powerful. His spirit remains with me. I am forever grateful.
~ Kathleen M. Johnson

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Kindness Quote

If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.

Marcus Aurelius

Act of Kindness

Try to search for some goodness in anyone you find difficult today, We all have something good in us, sometimes it is just hiding.

Positive Affirmation

Today I will understand that I am the only one in charge of how I feel. And I choose to be happy!

Kindness Media

Sometimes silence can allow people to say what they haven't been able to say before.