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Life Vest Inside has had the very good fortune of finding writers willing to share their Kindness Stories with us. One of our special recurring writers is David Jablinowitz, Op-Ed Editor at Jerusalem Post, who is famous for his “bus stories.”

We Are All One People

The bus was filling up. A soldier gets on. Looks around and sees that there aren’t many seats available.
He sits down next to a haredi high school student. She is reviewing some religious studies. I can’t see for sure what subject, but the soldier is showing interest.
The student has a different idea. She closes her notebook and takes out a math book of some sort, and asks the soldier for help.
This leads to a broader discussion between the two of them. He agrees that he should know more about religious studies. She acknowledges that her parents don’t know some of the secular subjects “as well as they should,” though she maintains that the situation is changing in her sector.
He helps her with her math; she reviews for him yesterday’s weekly Torah portion, which she notes “continues from previous weeks to deal with interpersonal relationships and therefore should speak” to the soldier.
Toward the end of the bus ride, he asks about her high school; she asks about what he does in the IDF.
As we all get off, he says to her: “Thank you for sharing your world with me.” She replies: “We are all one people.”
~ David Jablinowitz

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Kindness Quote

In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.

Dalai Lama

Act of Kindness

Email a link that would interest a friend and share it with them. What a great way to show someone that you’re thinking of them and share similar interests!

Positive Affirmation

Today I am MOTIVATED to work! I will start my day with a smile and continue with the determination to complete whatever it is that I have to do, to the best of my ability.

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