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Life Vest Inside has had the very good fortune of finding writers willing to share their Kindness Stories with us. One of our special recurring writers is David Jablinowitz, Op-Ed Editor at Jerusalem Post, who is famous for his “bus stories.”

Extra Little Service of Kindness

A first responder on a motorcycle pulls up with great urgency to the entrance of a supermarket. I thought that there was an emergency inside the store – a pretty logical conclusion. But then I saw him take out a shopping list. I had to investigate further.
He had just been at an apartment where an elderly man required medical attention. His condition was stabilized, the first responder tells me. The older man has a part-time caregiver who came over to monitor the situation, along with one of the man’s children. But before leaving the apartment, the first responder checked the man’s refrigerator and noticed that it was nearly empty.
So in consultation with the caregiver, he quickly wrote up the shopping list and rushed over to the supermarket. I helped the first responder get some of the necessary items. My job was fruits and vegetables.
But I asked the first responder why he even thought of checking the refrigerator. He replied that he does it on a regular basis. And what’s more, when he tells the various supermarkets what his mission is, they invariably give him a discount. He takes the phone number of the people for whom he is purchasing the items to tell them afterward what to expect to pay. And then the store also agrees to do the delivery for no charge no matter how small the grocery bill is.
“What a complex operation,” I say to the first responder.
He replies: “It’s just an extra little service I offer. It’s part of the medical attention I like to provide. If they eat better and take care of themselves, they’ll hopefully stay healthier.”
~ David Jablinowitz

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Kindness Quote

If you become a helper of hearts, springs of wisdom will flow from your heart.


Act of Kindness

Adopt a grandfather or a grandmother at a local nursing home. A lot of people in those nursing homes have no living family or family that visits them often. Make their lives happier and less lonely by building a connection with them either by establishing a correspondence or visiting them from time to time.

Positive Affirmation

Today I will be RADIANT! I will let my inner beauty and my good heart shine through!

Kindness Media

Have you ever wondered how long would it take you to change a habit or create a habit? There is a myth and a truth about the researched reality of changing or acquiring a habit.