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Life Vest Inside has had the very good fortune of finding writers willing to share their Kindness Stories with us. One of our special recurring writers is David Jablinowitz, Op-Ed Editor at Jerusalem Post, who is famous for his “bus stories.”

Warmth of Kindness

This morning on the bus, a young boy is with his dad. The child complains that he’s cold.
Bus driver hears. Opens up a case and takes out a coat which has the Egged logo on the back.
“Here,” the driver says to the boy. “This is for you. It’ll keep you warm.”
The father jokes with the driver: “That’s very small for you,” he says.
“It’s not for me, of course; I got it for my son,” the driver replies, “but I can get another one; don’t worry.”
The father is grateful. The kid is thrilled.
“Sorry,” says the father. “My wife normally takes care of the children in the morning, but she was tired today, so I took charge. I should have realized how cold it was this morning.”
The driver smiles: “No one is perfect. What I’ll remember about today is not that you underdressed your kids, but that you took care of your wife.”
~ David Jablinowitz

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Kindness Quote

Never lose a chance of saying a kind word.

William Makepeace Thackeray

Act of Kindness

Do something for your community today! Pick up the trash, volunteer for an event, or offer to help out in some way.

Positive Affirmation

Today I am considerate. I will do something nice for someone else.

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Unexpected Kindness