In recognition and support of Mental Health Awareness Week at the CCIU, we welcomed a Special Guest Speaker, Orly Wahba, Kindness Guru, to a Virtual Community Event on May 20th. This was a powerful conversation that left you feeling energized, hopeful, and ready to change the world with one simple tool...KINDNESS! Thank you, Orly Wahba, for the MOST AMAZING Evening! We can already feel the hope, energy, and inspiration through the kind words from our attendees. As Orly says, "KINDNESS, don't just do it...Live it"!I am not sure if you are responsible for Orly's presentation last night, but I wanted to say how fantastic it was, and I appreciated the opportunity to listen to her!!Thank you for inviting Orly Wahba to speak to the CCIU. She was inspirational and affirming. I absolutely loved her presentation!I wanted to take a moment to thank you, and everyone that was involved in getting Orly Wahba to present that amazing uplifting inspirational story.Thank you so much, I am beyond touched.❤I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Orly's talk last night. She is so full of positive energy and inspiration. I loved her message..."just be you." She was/is a winner!

Chester County Intermediate Unit