I received an email from a kind hearted woman, Lisa Mariani, asking that I share the story of her nephew Dale who gave his life to save others. I would like to honor his memory by naming him a Kindness Hero.

This post is written by Dale’s aunt, Lisa, in his memory and his honor.

“My nephew, Dale Settle Jr. was a 22 yr old youth group leader for teenage kids at his church, Faith Family Church in Canton, OH. His life came to an end when he was shot in the abdomen on September 22, 2011 while on his way to a Bible Study. He and two friends were approached by two men. One man had a gun and was demanding money. Dale tried talking the gunman out of what he was about to do and offered to help him. A car approached, and the gunman lowered his gun so the passerby did not see what was going on. That is when Dale jumped in front of his two friends, reached for the gun, and was shot. Even as he was dying, witnesses and emergency room personnel say that he prayed that his assailants be forgiven. He died on September 23rd, after being in surgery for over five hours.

If you had known Dale, he really would have helped the gunman. And if his friends were two strangers, he would have saved their lives too. Dale was always helping people he didn’t even know. He loved children and had a contagious smile for anyone he came in contact with.

His story has touched so many lives and over 800 people came to his calling hours. Some of them never even met Dale, but were touched by his story and his heroic act. Dale laid his life down for his friends. His family and friends want to spread this act of heroism, love for God and
kindness across the nation. On November 6, 2011, what would have been Dale’s 23rd birthday; his family held a Pay it Forward Day in which over 1500 people participated in across the nation.

Dale’s family would like to keep this “”Pay it Forward”” going by doing random acts of kindness whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s simple. You download the flier on the website, www.dalesettlejr.com and print multiple copies. Keep them with you so you have them available when needed. You don’t have to look for an opportunity. God will let you know when the right moment is and you will find it when you are least expecting it. It can be as simple as helping a friend in need, or paying for the people sitting next to you in a restaurant. Some people have paid for a stranger’s gas at the pump, or bought a simple $5 gift card at a donut shop and handed it to the next person in line, along with the flier. By giving the flier with every act of kindness, Dale’s story will spread little by little and eventually his story will be heard worldwide.

It doesn’t matter what your religion, your beliefs or your background are, everyone can make the smallest difference in the world by starting with one person.

D.A.L.E. was founded by Dale’s mom, Sharon Lane and myself. It stands for Do A Little Extra. We want to spread this story and keep the Pay it Forward going all over the world.

Be kind. It’s What Dale Would Do.”

~Lisa Mariani