Kindness Has a Birthday!

Inspiring Kindness Update
by Jason Hattrick

It was mid-April and a young boy, in the first grade, was getting very excited for his upcoming birthday just like every child would. Let me introduce you to Remington. Today was the day that he and his mom went to the local bakery to pick out his super-special birthday cake. Things however quickly changed once they arrived. While inside the bakery Remington says to his mother that he doesn’t want his birthday cake but instead asked if they could gift his cake to the policemen that keeps them safe. Shortly thereafter they pulled into the West Precinct of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) in Vancouver, WA. Together they delivered Remington’s Birthday Cake, gave their thanks and left knowing they were just extending kindness. What they were unaware of is that CCSO has Inspiring Kindness Deputies that took notice and sprung to action.

A few weeks have past and it is April 24, 2018. It is a regular day at Remington’s school but that will soon change. At 10:30am sharp a Kindness Sting sprung into action as not only did multiple Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Battle Ground Police vehicles roll onto campus but they were led by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office armored SWAT vehicle the Lenco Bearcat G3. Yes, it is as impressive as it sounds! As all the deputies exited the vehicle they were led into the school by the school’s principal straight to Remington’s classroom. Now imagine yourself, a first grade student, sitting at your desk and 6 officers walk in and call your name. “Which one of you is Remington?” Deputy Boyse asked as a sheepish hand in the back of the room was raised. Then Deputy McCarthy simply gestures to him and adds, “Your coming with us!” At that point the entire class was let in on the surprise and asked to join in honoring their classes Kindness Superhero, Remington!

The deputies led Remington and his class down the hall to the front of the school where the surprise of a lifetime was waiting. When Remington rounded the corner to see all the vehicles and the armored SWAT vehicle his jaw literally dropped, hands were thrown in the air and he was speechless. As the class congregated around Remington, Deputy Boyse presented him with a Kindness Citation for his generosity, his care for other people and for his example to his community of what kindness really means. It is through Life Vest Inside’s Inspiring Kindness program that Remington and his family will be now be able to go to and input their Kindness Citation identification number and a financial donation will be made to a local non-profit because of his kindness. Remington will also be able to pass it forward electronically to another person who has shown kindness in the world so that he can continue to create a ripple of donations and goodwill.

With the formalities completed the kids were able to explore the armored vehicle and talk to all the officers. Today, one individuals kindness was spread through multiple law enforcement agencies, an entire first grade classroom, the school and the community at large all due to a boy named Remington that wanted to say thank you. Well to finish off this amazing morning it only seemed appropriate that Remington, his father and grandfather all got to take a ride around the parking lot in the armored vehicle with lights flashing and sirens yelping – it was a celebration of kindness. Remington was in his happy place!

Finally our officers rolled off into the horizon seeking their next Kindness Superhero.