Inspiring Kindness continues partnership with Clark County Sheriff’s Office

Inspiring Kindness Update

Inspiring Kindness powered by Life Vest Inside is continuing its unbelievable partnership with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Vancouver, Washington. So much has been going on in fact that I am only going to be sharing the events of the last 48 hours.


On Wednesday, December 18th Deputy McCarty and Sheriff Atkins planned a kindness sneak attack on an unsuspecting staff member at Sunset Elementary School. As hundreds of students and faculty entered the gymnasium they all had the same question, why are the police and the news cameras here? They would soon find out! Principal Michael Martin introduced Deputy McCarthy and Sheriff Atkins and then invited Angie Winston aka “School Mom!” Today Angie was issued a “Kindness Citation” for her above and beyond efforts at Sunset Elementary. She is the Safety Patrol supervisor where kids and parents are greeted with a smile and a hug. Amazing! She also supervises the cafeteria (thankless job) during lunch and is in charge of all the kids’ medications. If that is not enough, she also fills in as a secretary or sub when there is a need, and always does it with a smile on her face. Today was an incredible day for an incredible ambassador of kindness. You can see the news story from KATU Channel 2 right here.

Then on the morning of Thursday, December 19th I was invited to attend the Clark County Sheriff’s Office: “Shop with a Cop” at our local Walmart store. Deputies are paired up with families with children in need and get to have the shopping experience of a lifetime. It is magical, the relationships between law enforcement and children. It was an incredible way to start a morning. More available on their Facebook page.


Following “Shop with a Cop”, I had the opportunity to meet with and train additional deputies from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office who have volunteered to be part of the Inspiring Kindness initiative. Our community is seeing the incredible impact that a little bit of kindness can spread. The ripple effect is definitely being felt as Life Vest Inside continues to get requests for this brand new program from multiple law enforcement opportunities across the United States! For more information, please check out last month’s Kindness Flash story.

Prepare yourself; you may be the next recipient of a “Kindness Citation!”