Life Vest Inside at

The Get Your Wellness On Fair! 

On Sunday, October 21, 2012, Life Vest Inside participated in Get Your Wellness On’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Fair! Get Your Wellness On is a grassroots movement that encourages dialogue and education to reduce incidents of mental illness that can lead to suicide. Life Vest Inside was honored to kick off the full day of performances and activities and, through our first ever FreezeMob, aimed to remind everyone that kindness only takes a moment. Over 50 performers stopped mid-stride to freeze for a full three minutes in a position illuminating a kind act. As Fair spectators stood in awe, the frozen performers then broke out in a FlashMob to K’naan’s ‘Wavin’ Flag.’ The Wellness Fair brought a wave of new Life Vest Inside friends and kindness partners, and after a successful FreezeMob/FlashMob, we are even more excited for our WorldWide event: Dance for Kindness November 18, 2012! Check out our Main Event Page and Join the Fun!