Vision of Harmony

On November 18th, 2012 we kicked-off our WorldWide Dance for Kindness Event with a Kindness FreezeMob, (during which participants remained frozen in a Kindness Position for over 3.5 minutes to show what kindness looks like), as DeScribe’s phenomenal single ‘We R 1’ debuted around the world!

Who is DeScribe? His voice can awaken the soul through song. He has a vibrant, energy-driven and rhythmic vibe. We’re talking pulsating and inspiring music stemming from his personal journey from the darkness into light. Shneur Hasofer, better known by his stage name DeScribe, is anAustralian singer-songwriter.

His music combines elements of Pop, Dance, and Reggae. Born in Sydney, DeScribe left home for Israel at the age of 14. DeScribe views music as a medium to awaken the human soul and has amassed a following built on his street credibility and religious life. As featured on the CBS documentary, “Faith, Music, & Culture” (2009), DeScribe takes his music as a direct mission from above.

DeScribe has captivated audiences internationally through online presence and music videos including controversial “Harmony,” “Change,” and “Make It,” that have garnered over half a million views online. His recent accolades include a two-page spread in the NY Daily Newsand an exclusive interview on the Daily Buzz morning news show. He is on heavy rotation on Miami Music TV and a slew of other TV channels airing in countries including Jamaica, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

Most recently, DeScribe collaborated with Matisyahu on “Pure Soul,” an uplifting dancehall record for kids with special needs. They’ve shown him a pure love of life, not often seen in the world, and with his musical toolkit, DeScribe paints a picture of children full of courage and joy in spite of tremendous adversity. He sings, “You light up the room like a fire, cause you’re from way up high.” DeScribe also collaborated with Rohan Marley, Bob Marley’s son, to create the theme song for Marley Coffee, “Livin’ for the Grind.” In Aug 2012, DeScribe was featured in award winning documentary forThe Arts of Brooklyn Film Festival, which has taken off globally and is being aired in film festivals all over the world now.

On Nov, 18th 2012 in honor of World Kindness Day, DeScribe released his debut single, “We R 1,” that’s already making waves across the globe. Thousands of people in 30 cities and across 15 countries have performed a WorldWide Kindness Freezemob to ‘We R 1’ in honor of World Kindness Day. DeScribe made an appearance at the NYC Dance for Kindness Event to show his support.


Free Single Download link for “We R 1”

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DeScribe mentioned Life Vest Inside and posted some of the FlashMobs on his website!

On a personal note, Life Vest Inside would like to thank DeScribe for his continued support of our mission to spread kindness, love and respect throughout the world.