Etan Efrati

Jerusalem, Israel


Bouquet of Kindness

“Her entire face lit up – she was so surprised! She told me that I had made her day.”

Going on a first date is usually nerve-wracking for most people. People spend hours upon hours getting ready to make a good first impression. But for one young man, being over-prepared led him to brighten the day of an unexpected stranger.

As Etan prepared for a first date he gave some thought as to what might help him stand out from the rest and so Etan picked up a bouquet of flowers. As he gave it some thought he decided that tulips would be the flower of choice, worried that roses may be a bit romantic. After purchasing the flowers he began questioning whether his gesture would be misconstrued as being too forward and so he decided he would throw away the bouquet and simply keep a single tulip to gift to his date.

He began walking down the busy streets of Manhattan and suddenly he spotted an opportunity for kindness. From the corner of his eye he saw a woman in a wheelchair that seemed distraught as though the weight of the world was on her shoulders. It was evident that she could use a pick-me-up.

Without hesitation, Etan approached the woman, smiled, and simply said, “I’d like to give you these flowers!”

Her entire face lit up! It was clear that she was pleasantly taken aback. Etan recalls,

quote-openHer entire face lit up – she was so surprised! She told me that I had made her day.quote-close

He may have started off the evening with the intention to make a good impression on his date, but his willingness to spot an opportunity for kindness was most impressing of all.

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