Kindness Boomeranging

Almaty, Kazakhstan!


English teacher Timur Boskin of Almaty, Kazakhstan showed his students our Kindness Boomerang film. Here are some of the students’ thoughts about Life Vest Inside and the power of kindness… 🙂


I know “Life vest inside” for about one month, it’s not too long, but still I understood that the community “Life vest inside” is making a real thing, to help people and to solve their problems. I think that real problem in the world is that simply don’t understand each other. We have to try to help somebody to know he’s problem, because we could understand people by helping them. I  think that “life vest inside” is organization, which realizes our dreams. Dreams which we are afraid of telling people because they can laugh at us.


I do agree with “Life vest inside” organization. Because they try save our souls, our kindness. They want us to understand how it is important to be kind with other people around us. Life vest inside it not only charity organization, they don’t just give money to somebody, they makes us feel ourselves like angels do and we can help. We can do very important step in one’s life. So, with life vest inside, I understand that I am capable to.


I like life vest inside very much. I think that it is very important and I also believe that kindness one of the best things in the world because in our life people forgot about simple good things. We played “Angel game” and it was very interesting. It was very cool, because my “object” was happy, when I put some presents and good things for this person.


I think a creation of life vest inside is really good idea, which made good influence to us. It is important to be kind, to can give, not only to take. Because when you do something nice to others, it makes that person happy and of course, makes happy you! I think life vest inside is very good project. Because without LVI we won’t be kind and generous. And without kindness, we can’t live on the Earth. I like this project. I think because of it I become kinder and more open to people.

Adil Maken:

I think Life vest inside it is very good project. I know this project one month and now I became better. Before I was very bad, for example when someone I help. If was beaten I didn’t pay any attention. But now I have become better.I want to tell you one story. I found money and I didn’t spend it I tried to find host of the money, but I could’t. Later I found one boy who was eating a bit of apple and I gave him money that I found. I saw his smile, I gave him hope. He was happy and I’ll never forget his smile.


I think Life vest inside community is very important and helpful organization. They’re trying to awake the kindness and love in people. It is relevant, because nowadays our world become meaner, colder and darker. Life vest inside really keeps our world afloat. If they won’t care, nobody care.


I think this project is Great, because people like it. Everybody like it. I knew this organisation, but didn’t pay attention, but now I like it too. Kindness – very important quality for all people of the world, because kindness keeps world on afloat.


Nowadays people pay attention to techies more than human quality and it’s really sad. When I looked around me I saw selfishness, rudeness, evil and other bad stuffs. But when I heard about LVI I was pleasantly surprised, because I saw that the kindness exists. And it’s really cool that people from all around the world are doing a good things just because they want it.


I think that LVI impacted me in a very positive way and it is very important to care about kindness in the world. Because if all people care and think about other people in our world we can change everything. I know that it is a good idea to start kindness from our class and our school, and the first step was – “Angel game”. I hope that everyone will join us!!!


So, I like “Life Vest Inside”. In the past I saw organizations like this and I liked it too, but they were not so global like LVI. After then, when I got introduced to the project I want to do more good things, but I can’t to do some thinkg. Because people think that I am a bad boy or a shoplifter and like this. I don’t know why they think so … Maybe because I like to wear dark clothes, and I am with the strange hair stile? Don’t look on this I do like kindness.I want to write a story. One day I went from school. And … I saw an old lady on the road. I ran to her and I asked what had happened. She sad that she fell and couldn’t stand up. One I couldn’t pick her up and then unfamiliar man stopped the car and helped me and then went further. I asked where she was going to. She said to house number 19 A and she didn’t know where it was. I accompanied her to the house and when we come she said: “Thank you! Thank you very much! God Bless you!” and she said it with tears on eyes … When I went home I didn’t understand, why nobody didn’t help her. I think than she is poor and asks for money. This proves once again that people are judged by their looks. It’s awful. And I want that everybody everyday do at least one good thing.


I think Life vest inside is a great non-profit organization of the world. I like it, Because kindness keeps the world afloat, kindness – very important quality for all people of the world. We need to give kindness to each other!


Life vest inside is WONDERFUL organization. They help to other people, poor, people, whose sick. It is very important to help other people, because most people are thinking only about themselves. We have watched LVI videos and they’re very good. At school we played Angel games.


I like Live vest inside very much. It’s a great project. They show how it is important to be kind to each other. That’s why we joined Life vest inside. And now we play the angels game. Everybody must help to other and make kindness anonymously.


(THANK YOU to Republican Science High School for your words of inspiration!!!!)