Eddis Herrera

San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Giving Kindness A Chance

It was in the beautiful city of Utila in 2009, that Eddis had an encounter which was an opportunity for him to put on his kindness cloak.

He saw a man sleeping on a public wooden bench for two days straight. This worried him since he knew that backpackers usually stay in dive centers or hostels. So he approached the man and asked, “Why are you here?”

The man told Eddis that he was from Mexico and was invited to a week of partying by a friend he had met in Mexico who was from Utila. He said that when he got to the city, someone stole his wallet and his friend seemed to have forgotten about him as well.

After speaking for a while, Eddis discovered that the man had worked in a cafeteria and knew how to cook well. So he said to the man, “Well, if you cook for me, I have a 3 bedroom house, a softer bed and food.”

Upon hearing this proposal, the man’s mood completely changed. He lived with Eddis for close to three months after that, where they helped each other out every day in little ways. Before he left, Eddis gave him enough money to take the ferry to La Ceiba, and a flight from there back to Mexico City.

quote-openI don’t have any sort of communication with him, but I did what I thought was right!quote-close

says Eddis, who was glad to be a part of helping a stranger get back up on their feet and keep moving onward.

– Edited by Soumya John

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