Debbie Saporta

New York, USA


Debbie’s Motivational Turn

Life is quite infamous for throwing us curveballs every once in awhile. Some of us dodge these while there are some who fall down, pick themselves up and throw the ball right back.

Debbie Saporta is a woman whose curveball was met and thrown back with some serious determination and gusto.

Debbie’s amazing journey began when she had a rather unfortunate fall which resulted in a horrible concussion with vertigo. She instantly knew that this would compromise her cognitive abilities and decided that she felt too spacey to stand before a classroom, albeit still loving her job as a teacher.

Debbie didn’t let this stop her from being productive. She believed that expressing her feelings on paper would help her and so she began to write as she slowly recovered. This lead to the creation of the motivational facebook page, Debbie Saporta.

Debbie’s page is sprinkled with motivation, inspiration and humour that most people can relate to on an everyday basis and has reached out to over eleven thousand people as of date. She believes that her followers are just like family to her and she continues to grow from all she reads and posts.

“I started to see familiar names & faces that were benefiting from what I wrote. I have continued this over the last two years because I saw how much some of these inspirational posts were helping people. People will private message me and tell me how timely the story or quote is,” says Debbie, who upholds that spreading love and kindness is addictive!

Debbie knows all too well that life can be hard sometimes and wishes to continue giving back all the love, support and compassion possible to those she can!

Link to Debbie’s page:

quote-openI am proud to have taken my negative situation & turned it around to a positive. I think being kind and remaining grateful for all our blessings are the keys to living a fantastic life.quote-close

– Edited by Soumya John

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