This month’s theme: COURTESY


Thoughts from Our Founder – Courtesy stems from mindfulness. Only through being mindful can we more readily take advantage of the endless opportunities to engage others courteously. The true test of courtesy is how we connect and engage when we don’t necessarily get the response we are looking for or when things don’t go exactly as planned. Read More >>

Articles of the Month

The spirit of work: How courtesy, respect and thoughtfulness create the foundation for all other work success – To establish a healthy, successful workplace climate there needs to be inner motivational intent to do good and to be good. Energy follows intent. Without real intent, strategies become empty shells.

Courtesy and Acts of Kindness – Any society that is populated by courteous people offers a higher quality lifestyle than one where people are rude and inconsiderate. It’s always good to follow the basic guidelines for social or business etiquette, but you can take a step farther by doing acts of kindness.

“Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.”

Henry Clay

“We must be as courteous to a man as we are to a picture, which we are willing to give the advantage of a good light.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Act of Kindness

Be mindful. Over this month, train your eyes to behave courteously. We communicate a great deal through our eyes and when we are mindful of the attitude we portray to the person standing opposite us simply through our eyes, we can more readily ensure that we are communicating feelings of warmth, kindness and acceptance. Here are some ways you can train your eyes in kindness: Look people in the eye when speaking with them, smile with your eyes, mindfully make the choice to give off feelings of warmth and compassion when looking at people. You never know what might be going on in the other person’s life, your kind eyes can light them from the inside out!

Question of the Month

In what ways could you be more intentionally courteous toward others? Share here or in the comments below.

Kindness Media

Photo of the Month

How does this picture connect with this month’s theme of courtesy? Share your thoughts.

Songs of the Month

With his peppy beats, Bruno Mars turns his crooning style to discussing kindness and being a good friend. Always good for a pick-me-up and a reminder to be helpful.

This country song offers the reminder that kindness helps us see past our prejudices and biases.

Videos of the Month

The bottom line of manners is RESPECT.

Everyone wants to sparkle and stand-out with confidence and charisma. Our desire for connection has become far too dependent on technology and less so on relationships, built upon manners, social synchronization and trust.

Books of the Month

An Uncommon History of Common Courtesy: How Manners Shaped the World – Bethanne Patrick – With engaging and artfully presented text, including sidebars on media mavens throughout history, social gaffes, and archaic manners, this book is as entertaining as it is informative. Readers delve into cultural similarities and differences through lively passages, colorful photography, and sidebars on unique history.

Emily Post’s Etiquette – Lizzie Post – This edition tackles classic etiquette and manners advice with an eye toward diversity and the contemporary sensibility that etiquette is defined by consideration, respect, and honesty.

A Book of Courtesy: The Art of Living with Yourself and Others – Sister Mary Mercedes O.P. – As the world becomes increasingly indifferent to social rules, the sense of etiquette that we once took for granted is fast disappearing. A Book of Courtesy provides a charming, beneficial antidote to this dilemma, restoring the Golden Rule to its rightful place of honor and proving that good etiquette never goes out of style.

Freda Says Please – Stuart J. Murphy – This is one book in a great series that teaches kids the importance of character and values.

Dude, That’s Rude! – Pamela Espeland – Full-color cartoons and kid-friendly text teach the basics of polite behavior in all kinds of situations—at home, at school, in the bathroom, on the phone, at the mall, and more.

Mary Louise Loses Her Manners – Diane Cuneo – A humorous and entertaining book illustrating that by ignoring the importance of manners we can literally lose them. A perfect example that practice makes perfect!