This month’s theme: SUPPORT – Providing comfort in times of distress.

Articles of the Month

Meet 10 Young People Leading the COVID-19 Response in their Communities – We have all been thrust into a new environment. The coronavirus has made new terms like social distancing and self-isolation common, and enveloped communities around the world in fear. But even as young people face unprecedented difficulties and uncharted paths, they are rising up to make a difference.

7 Ways You Can Help People You Care About During the Pandemic – A pandemic is crippling for lots of people and businesses. But it also offers lots of opportunities to help those in need.

11 simple ways to care for each other during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic – Here are eleven ways people are talking about caring for one another while staying safe as our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours navigate COVID-19.

“The truest help we can render an afflicted man is not to take his burden from him, but to call out his best energy, that he may be able to bear the burden.”

Phillips Brooks

“Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are connected, one and all.”

Deborah Day

“He stands erect by bending over the fallen. He rises by lifting others.”

Robert Green Ingersoll

Act of Kindness

Reach out to someone who may be going through a tough time. Offering support will not only lift their spirits but will lift yours as well.

Question of the Month

What’s a creative way you can support someone during these trying times? Share here or in the comments below.

Kindness Media

Photo of the Month

Support at its finest. Share your message of thanks and support.

Songs of the Month

An inspiring song dedicated to thousands of front line medical and non-medical workers all over the world who are taking care of our communities in so many ways.

A motivational song telling us to fight and never falter, because we are warriors.

The song gives the message of hope to all those who are putting their lives on the line to fight this virus and help us rise up against it.

Videos of the Month

A beautiful global digital collaboration to spread hope and love during such trying times.

This inspirational video is a tribute to healthcare workers like nurses and doctors; to truckers driving overnight with essential supplies; to restaurant and grocery workers making sure we have food on the table; and to all those on the front lines risking their lives so we can be safe.

Books of the Month

The Art of Helping Others: Being Around, Being There, Being Wise – Mark K. Smith & Heather Smith – When searching for someone to help them reflect upon and improve their lives, people tend to be drawn towards those who are compassionate, committed and wise. This book is aimed at those who recognise these qualities in themselves and wish to develop their capacity to engage with and help others.

The Authenticity Project – Clare Pooley – It’s a heartwarming, laughter-and-tears story about the value of friendships and the importance of reaching out to each other.

The Breaking News – Sarah Lynne Reul – The Breaking News by Sarah Lynne Reul touches on themes of community, resilience, and optimism with an authenticity that will resonate with readers young and old.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? – Carol McCloud – While using a simple metaphor of a bucket and a dipper, author Carol McCloud illustrates that when we choose to be kind, we not only fill the buckets of those around us, but also fill our OWN bucket!

Errol’s Garden – Gillian Hibbs – A heart-warming and inclusive tale about how one small boy’s dream of a garden unites a diverse community in a positive and enriching experience for everyone.