“As a veteran teacher in the North Pocono School District, I have had the privilege of participating in many school assemblies. Through the years, we take bits and pieces of the noteworthy school assemblies which offer our student body with positive advice and our staff-inspiration. It’s not surprising that Orly Wahba was chosen for a TED talk presentation because she is THAT good! Her message is clear, and she covers so much ground. Addressing topics including bullying, depression, addiction, and self-worth, she comes from a place of positive. Using her own life as the scaffold for her message, she connects with each individual person in the room while addressing the entire auditorium of listeners. I am one to get “teary” during school assemblies (usually while hearing an incredibly sentimental song that connects with memory). Orly touched my heart AND soul. There’s a song by Jewel called “Hands” that is always a reminder that “In the end, only kindness matters.” It is a message that I - like many of my colleagues- value. Having Orly reinforce this message with such clarity, personality, authenticity, and passion reminds us that positive energy and care should never be pushed aside. In a world where we are surrounded by messages of negativity, hopelessness, and dread- Orly reminds us to see goodness every day. Her film, Kindness Boomerang, reflects the light of her message. One person can make a difference each day in this world. And when one chooses authentic kindness, it is a boomerang that eventually returns. Understanding that meaningfulness is at the heart of important endeavors, I thank you, Orly, for reminding us about what really matters in order to make a difference in this extraordinary world we call home.”

Christine Sepkowski, 6th grade English teacher, North Pocono School District