Respect. It’s not something you fight for, demand or achieve. Respect is something you live and breathe. Respect is not something you obtain, but rather something you give over to others regardless of their views, religious preference, ethnicity, race, culture, financial status or job title. Oftentimes we measure and rate people – thinking that only certain individuals are deserving of our respect or our time, but respect belongs to everyone at every moment. Who is to say the value of one individual over the other? Will we allow metrics determine the value we place on an individual? Perhaps if we spent less time evaluating who is worth our respect and who is just unworthy we could uncover hidden potential. Sometimes a person simply needs someone to see them, give them a chance, bet on them. You may not see the ROI on a spreadsheet, but investing in a person is the greatest investment we can make. Think about how many people one person encounters in their lifetime? Your encounter isn’t a solo investment, it’s an investment in every person that person will encounter. Let’s make an effort to see people because when we are all at our very best, we make the whole that much stronger.