Thinking about this beautiful topic of FREEDOM, I remembered a poem I wrote several years ago. I’ll never forget the experience. I was overtaken by a feeling of inspiration, hope and incredible love for this world and the people in it. I sat down to write not knowing what would come out and in a few minutes this poem just poured out of me. It was this poem that became the basis for one of Life Vest Inside’s worldwide Dance for Kindness anthems.

I hope you enjoy it and even moreso, I hope to hear your perspectives on it.

Take a stand you and me
Forget about what the world can’t see

It’s not about right or wrong
But which of us can be strong

To stand for freedom, stand for love
Stand for kindness from above

To open up our hearts today
Put aside the pain of yesterday

The world may have begun to lose the faith in me the faith in you
But I won’t stop standing tall
Shouting loud for all to hear the call
This is the time this is our chance
To make our lives kindness enhanced

Believe in you and if that’s all you do
You’ll see that the light in me is the light in you

We’re all same deep down inside
Who says our differences should make us hide

We may read from different books
Have different looks and opposing outlooks

But we must get back to who we are to see the good near and far
The good in you the good in me
The good in all that can be if only we could take a stand, lend each other a helping hand

We’re all a part of the same book
With every page a special hook
But together we create a story that will resonate and give us long awaited glory

The simple fact that you are here
is proof enough to know you’re dear.

Look inside to who you are
And ask yourself how we got this far
Far away from what we know
the love we had hoped to grow

A world of peace, a world of love a world of kindness from above

They say I’m crazy, I’m too naive
I’m just a kid who still believes

But I promise you if you grab my hand
Trust again and take a stand
You too will see the light
That shines above the darkest night.

It’s not out there it’s not out here
It’s in your heart that you hold dear

Take a stand this is our chance
Unite the world through song and dance
It’s not about you or me
It’s what we have the power to set free

Freedom from anger, freedom from lust freedom from greed and distrust
Freedom from hatred freedom from war
Freedom from hopes of evening the score.

Freedom from fear, freedom from pain freedom from hopelessness and shame

Freedom to love, freedom to trust

Freedom to give, freedom to share
Freedom to hope, freedom to care
Freedom to believe freedom to unite
Freedom to end this tiring fight

Freedom to take your life back
to make it matter
make your own new track

To cut ties that divide
To build tomorrow and know we tried
We gave it our all
We didn’t back down
We didn’t retreat
We didn’t breakdown ;
we didn’t fight for the crown
It doesn’t give us what we need
what we crave is a leader to lead

Let’s start standing for what we know
It’s time to put on our best show