A Call for Help! To all of our AMAZING supporters out there, if there’s one thing I believe it’s that each person in this world can truly make a difference. So imagine if we came together in one united front? We can most certainly ROCK this WORLD with KINDNESS! PLEASE read this post fully and share with others!

We all know the value of kindness and its importance. Life Vest Inside isn’t simply about inspiring people, it’s about guiding people to a better tomorrow. We are all about bringing back HUMAN CONNECTION to the world; taking people out of their “I” world and increasing their awareness to those around them. But, LVI needs your help! Sure, there are many obstacles that come our way, but I for one and giving everything I got and I won’t quit because I love and believe too much in people to give up.

I just received the following message today from Philip Murphey:

You guys need to be on Ellen, with your commercial, and your message. Seems like something she’d dig. Love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness; these are the highest expressions of humanity.


Philip, that would be AMAZING! The message of LVI has up until this point magically spread all on its own – it has traveled across the globe. But, now it’s time to bring it to the next level. For that I need every person to help out by spreading our message. I’ve tried several times to reach out to Ellen Degeneres. I know how strongly she speaks against bullying and so many programs have been implemented as ANTI bullying, but guys they MISS the point! These “anti-bullying solutions” are just band-aids; covering up the wound but never dealing with the reasons those issues came into existence.

Bullying is not the only issue plaguing society today. Hatred, poverty, war, crime, depression, suicide, fear, hopelessness, and unemployment are just a few of the vast amount of global social issues effecting today’s society. WHY?? Simple – because people don’t recognize just how AMAZING and powerful they are. There are way too many people walking around with no sense of confidence or self-esteem – all you have to do is look into a person’s eyes and you can see that. This absolutely kills  me, because when I look into someone’s eyes I see such an amazing beauty, the potential they have, the kindness that exists in their hearts. And it pains me that so many don’t see it in themselves. As a teacher, I didn’t just teach my students facts and figures, rather I taught them to see the beauty and strength within themselves and the results were SPECTACULAR!

Life Vest Inside is a preventative program aiming to foster self-esteem and self-value in the hearts and minds of both children and adults whose lack of such has led to social unrest and a state of hopelessness that the world has not seen in many years.

I left my job of 7 years to dedicate every moment to this initiative because I KNOW it can make a difference and the friendships and bonds I’ve created with so many of you out there from all parts of the globe through this organization proves that. LVI has SO much in store for you guys. If one film was able to inspire love and kindness in the hearts of so many, imagine what LVI can be capable of. WE are initiating a KINDNESS REVOLUTION: our revolution doesn’t require the use of weapons, or anger, or hatred, or negativity. Our revolution calls upon the power of positive energy; the magical power of kindness; the magical power locked within every single person in this world. If you are HERE, that means that you have a purpose – you are so much more important than what you think. And if you allow society or the trends of the day to make you think otherwise – you are being cheated out of seeing your potential!

Let’s bring back human connection to this world; let’s bring back that innocence of childhood that allows us to feel like we can make a difference, that the world in fact is a wonderful place. That dreamer, that believer, that optimist is still there within you. Filter through all the negativity, throw away all the pain, remove the darkness – and you’ll begin to see the wonderful light you have within you. Help Life Vest Inside show you! I hope to help you see yourselves through my eyes – because when I look at people I can’t help but smile, I can’t help but love them.

So how can you help? Let’s get the word out there. Since Philip brought this up – let’s try and reach one figure on one united front. The figure – ELLEN DEGENERES! How? Raise your voice by writing to her. Click on the link, send her a letter online, tweet her, message her on FB with a link to our film – whatever it is let’s do it! Tell her why you feel Life Vest Inside is so important! Let’s prove that together we can make some noise, that we can make a difference by raising our voice to STAND FOR KINDNESS! Let’s not just speak out against the negative things in the world, that’s just going to draw more negativity. Instead, let’s speak PRO KINDNESS, positive words, positive affirmations. Just as the saying goes, you can attract more bees with honey.

There is no such thing as a bad person – there are only bad actions! But, if you speak to the core of person you CAN remove that darkness that has led them to those bad actions. Difficult? YES! IMPOSSIBLE – NO!!!

So what do you say? Instead of fighting against the negative, let’s support the positive and trust me if we go about it correctly, eventually the negative things will cease to exist. Throughout history, the world has tried it by going the first route. Obviously that route hasn’t worked! Let’s try something different. We can’t just put a band aid on things, we need to stop it at the source. KINDNESS, LOVE, COMPASSION, RESPECT, SELF-WORTH – these are our tools! These need to be our weapons!! Not guns, not anger, not war! They don’t get us anywhere but spur more guns, more anger, more war.

I apologize for the length of this post. I started writing and it just poured out. I am speaking because I care SO much and doing what I do on a daily basis increases my love, appreciation and respect for people to such a great extent. I believe in LVI and more importantly I believe in YOU, I hope that you can believe in Me!