Instagram: Seeing the world through different eyes

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of instagram by a former student of mine, Jack Laboz. I had the great pleasure of meeting Jack two years ago when I began piecing together a school band.

Being a drummer and recognizing the great power of music, I felt that the students would benefit from a band, giving them the ability to express themselves through song.

Jack, a phenomenal musician, joined the band and from the moment I met him I saw just how special and incredible he is. Not only is Jack talented, but he has a heart of gold; one of those kids who reaches out to others regardless of their social “status” and makes them feel loved and appreciated. The following year, I was fortunate to have Jack as a student, allowing me to see even further just how special and unique he is. He’s someone I will most certainly bet on because I know he will accomplish great things and soar to great heights in life. Why? Because Jack sees the world for the beauty it possess and the people in it for the beauty they have within. Anything he chooses to do, he does so with all his heart; whether it be playing music, being a friend, volunteering to help an organization, and as I would quickly learn – snapping pictures would be added to the ever-growing list.

It’s no surprise that Jack is the kind of person he is; all you have to do is meet his parents; people who don’t simply Do kind deeds, they LIVE it, they embody it! Adele, Jack’s mother, met with me a few weeks back and volunteered her time to help Life Vest Inside plan our first official Kindness Mission Day (coming up this May). She invited me to her house to discuss how we can best organize the day.

As we began speaking about the organization, she asked me if I had an instagram account. I did have one set up for Life Vest Inside, but I hadn’t been active on it. She immediately mentioned Jack and told me she would ask him to help us out. Jack has an instagram account with over 1600 followers and his pictures almost always make it to the popular page. Adele began showing me some of his pictures and I was taken away by how beautiful and insightful his pictures are.

Jack took time out of his busy school schedule and launched Life Vest Inside’s instagram account. As I began looking through Jack’s pictures, snapping pictures of my own and entering the wonderful world of instagram, I began to connect with the deeper meaning behind it.

Instagram is all about how one person views the world. Users like pictures that demonstrate the way they would like to see the world. The truth is, everyone has the power to take great pictures, all we need to do is change the lens we use to see the world by opening our eyes to what’s going on around us; really open our eyes, our inner eye to see the beauty in the mundane. Some of the most popular pictures on instagram are pictures of things people often see each and every day: a beautiful sunset, a boat sailing on the sea, a building from a bit of a different angle, the sky, trees, anything and everything. What makes the pictures beautiful is the viewpoint of the person snapping the picture. People don’t just like a picture, they like the way the photographer sees the world. If only we slowed down every so often to see the things around us, we too would become great photographers. You see, you create the pictures of your life, but if you don’t take the time to see the beauty within your world you will miss out on some great snapshots.

And so I would like to initiate Life Vest Inside’s Instagram Campaign, encouraging people to view their world with kinder eyes. There’s no greater power and magic than witnessing an act of kindness in motion. Life Vest Inside encourages each of you to snap pictures of kind actions in motion or something that inspires you and share them with us by tagging @lifevestinside or #lifevestinside. Also, Life Vest Inside will post shout outs each day to the user with the most inspiring picture!

The Campaign will be launched on Saturday, March 31st @ 11:59pm!

On Thursday, May 31st Life Vest Inside will be unveiling the winners of the Campaign. Two winners will be chosen!

*One winner will be chosen by Life Vest Inside judges based upon creativity and inspiration of your pictures.

*Second winner will be chosen based upon the number of likes his/her picture receives

The winners picture will be printed on our Kindness t-shirts with winner’s name and winners will receive 2 free t-shirts! See below for details on the winner’s package and contest guidelines.


Snap to kindness!


1.Snap pictures of the following:

  • Act of kindness in motion
  • A picture of something that inspires you! This can be everything and anything! (Check out Life Vest Inside on instagram to see some of our pictures and read our caption. Remember, there is something inspiring even within the mundane, it’s all about how you see it)
  • Picture with people holding acts of kindness cards (email us at, subject line: Instagram to find out how to get kindness cards)

2. Don’t forget to tag Life Vest Inside in your pictures so that we can review your submissions (#lifevestinside or #lvi or @lifevestinside)

3. Contest open to ALL instagram users in ALL countries

4. In order to qualify you must follow Life Vest Inside on Instagram @lifevestinside


*Pay attention to the details: Captions matter! Use your words to tell the story of your picture. Like I said, inspiration can be seen even in the most mundane.

*Follow Life Vest Inside on Instagram (@lifevestinside) to get our daily pics and become part of our daily shoutouts to our followers. You must follow to qualify as a winner.

*Check out Life Vest Inside’s Film, Kindness Boomerang, on youtube

Winners: Prize package

  1. Your picture will be featured on our blog with a picture and bio about yourself
  2. Your picture will be featured on Facebook with an extra special Shout out!
  3. Your photo will be printed on Life Vest Inside’s Kindness Mission Day t-shirts with your name!
  4. You will receive 2 free t-shirts!
  5. Your t-shirt design will appear in Life Vest Inside’s upcoming film worn by one of the actors
  6. See your name in the film credits! Your name will appear in the credits in Life Vest Inside’s upcoming film
  7. Life Vest Inside invites you to be an EXTRA in our next film, with the chance to audition for a lead role!

Don’t Forget to Tag Life Vest Inside when you post your pictures – we will be posting daily shout outs to the most inspiring picture of the day! (#lifevestinside, @lifevestinside, or #lvi)

Now get out there and snap away!

#lifevestinside or @lifevestinside

Thank you Jack for being the inspiration behind this great initiative!

Check out Jack’s pictures on Instagram (#jacklabozified)


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