Today I was reminded that although there are 7 billion people in the world, it is in fact a small world after all! 

Working on Life Vest Inside has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I get started from the moment I wake up and work continuously until the moment I sleep. Under that sort of schedule it’s hard to find time to get small errands done. But today I saw just how important it is to take a break and venture out. Sometimes the greatest inspiration and motivation can come from the people we cross paths with during our everyday errands.
At around 4pm today I took a small break to run out and get some errands done. I was planning to send out cards to a few excited volunteers that were interested in spreading the message of Life Vest Inside by handing out our QR cards. I was preparing the envelopes with the cards when I realized I didn’t have any rubber bands or envelopes.


So I headed out and figured I may as well stop by the bank to make a deposit. I have a Chase bank right next to my house and that’s the one I usually go to. However, because I needed to purchase rubber bands and envelopes I decided to head to the old branch I used to go to; after all it was right next to a 99 cent store. So I figured two birds, one stone.

For some reason I placed my checks and deposit stubs in one of my Life Vest Inside folders. I went up to the teller to make the deposit and she informed me that Chase was currently running a special promotion. She asked if I would like to be enrolled in it; I figured – why not! So she introduced me to a banker by the name of Arthur. We shook hands and he walked towards his cubicle to give me the details of the promotion.

Arthur noticed that I was holding a Life Vest Inside folder and asked me, “O, you know Life Vest?”

I was taken aback! Did a complete stranger just ask me if I knew Life Vest?

I was shocked and said, “Wait, you know Life Vest?”

He said, “Sure! How do you know them?”

I smiled and said, “Well, actually I’m the Founder. I can’t believe you are familiar with it?”

If I thought I was shocked, he was even more taken aback. We began conversing and he explained that his girlfriend had sent him the link to the film last week and that they were both so touched by its message. It was the most surreal experience. As fate would have it we began conversing a bit more and I mentioned that I’ve been a teacher for 7 years and have recently taken a leave of absence to dedicate myself 100% to Life Vest Inside.

He asked me if I was in need of assistance and from the look on my face he could tell that I definitely could;) “My girlfriend was just discussing with me different organizations that she would like to get involved with and volunteer for, could I give her your information? I know how much she loved the film.” I was ecstatic; I would never turn down someone’s generous offer to volunteer.

How perfectly the pieces of our day fit together! Had I not needed envelopes and rubber bands, headed to that specific branch and brought my Life Vest Inside folder, I may not have ever met Arthur. Lucky for me, fate planned for our paths to cross.

After conversing some more and explaining the up and coming plans for Life Vest Inside, we realized that Chase Bank might be a great place to partner with. I don’t know where this story will lead, but even if it ends here – it made my day to know that Life Vest Inside is floating around touching the lives of those it stumbles upon.

To Arthur and all of the supporters of Life Vest Inside please know how grateful I am for your positive energy and encouragement!