I feel privileged to wake up each morning excited and enthusiastic to start the day; anxious to see who I received an email, message, or post from over the few hours I sleep at night. With each inspiring word I am reminded all over again why I set off on fulfilling my dream of turning Life Vest Inside into a global kindness revolution!

On this particular day, I received an email from Sylvia Hayes, a woman who amongst many things runs a talk show. Sylvia expressed interest in using the film as a PSA. I was honored to grant permission and thankful for the offer. I sent her some additional information about the organization and received a beautiful reply that made me feel fortunate that my path was meant to cross with Sylvia’s.

Hi Orly,

I got so excited when I read the info that you sent me.  You see, I am a school bus driver, driving pre-k thru 12th grade.  Every morning I do a ‘Power Thought’ for my middle school and high schoolers before I release them. 

A Power Thought is a message which empowers them to do better in school, reminds them that they are their Brother’s Keeper, reach for high goals, treat everybody with kindness, have a high self-esteem and respect for themselves. 

Over the years kids have felt better about themselves, made more friends, stopped bullying, gotten better grades…..the list can go on and on.  They even use the messages to help others. 

My sister is a teacher in Mississippi and I got her started doing the power thoughts.  Every morning we would exchange thoughts.  One morning she called me and told me that one of her kids father who was a minister used one of her Power Thoughts in a sermon.  That was exciting! The principle at her school now does one every morning over the intercom.  A teacher at one of my schools has started doing it also after the students told her what I was doing on the bus.  I don’t have any fighting or disorderly conduct on my bus.  Everybody is respectful and well behaved. It really works.  I am so happy to see someone else on the same mission as I am.  The babies are our future and we have to make sure that they do things right.

Love and Peace,


Sylvia, I couldn’t agree more. One of the fundamental tools Life Vest Inside incorporates into our program is the idea of empowerment! Empowering people to see the beauty and potential within themselves for greatness!

Thank you for your beautiful and empowering email. Let us all seek ways to empower others on a daily basis through our words. Remember positive words can make someone’s day, but negative ones can ruin their lives. Which will it be?