Infinite Reach

Positive Affirmation of the Day: Today, I will recognize that I am part of a whole; that every action I do doesn’t simply live within itself – but has a ripple effect with no boundaries. I will realize that every act and every failure to act, sets in motion forces that can affect hundreds and even thousands of lives and has the potential to light up worlds of people that I may have never even contemplated.

Today’s Positive Affirmation of the day was inspired by a passage I read in a book(Chofetz Chaim – Loving Kindness) this morning that I would like to share with all of you.

You see, very often people don’t recognize just how powerful and influential they are in the great scheme of things – when in fact every act or failure to act, has an infinite reach.

For example: Imagine a man is on the verge of bankruptcy. His friend is in a position to help the man reestablish his business on a firmer footing. The friend debates with himself – there are two choices in front of him. Should he provide a loan and take a chance on losing his money, or should he let his friend try and find another way out? Finally after a lot of contemplation, the friend decides NOT to help the man out.

As a result, perhaps the business would have collapsed and the workers would have lost their jobs.  The result of which could cause a terrible rise in the level of tension in many households. Perhaps some marriages would have disintegrated amid fighting and rancor. Perhaps a child would have runaway from the turmoil and as a result would get mixed up with the wrong kind of crowd. Some of the workers may even suffer health problems as a result of the strain. The employee on the verge of buying a house would had to have forfeited his plans. The man who hired the aide for his mother would have had to put his mother in a nursing home – a move she does not want to make. All these people’s miseries and hardships would have landed, in part, on the lap of the man who could have helped but didn’t.

A decision on behalf of the friend to help out would have a significant effect as well. As a result of the friends loan, the business survives, 150 workers the business employs remain employed. They are saved from the embarrassment and emotional pain of coming home to announce they’ve lost a job. The marital stress that job loss might have caused in some homes never comes to pass. One worker who was on the verge of buying a house is able to close the deal and resettle his family in a safe, clean neighborhood where his children thrive. Another is able to afford a home-care aide for his elderly mother. The restaurant across the street from the business maintains its steady lunch-time clientele, as does the newspaper vendor, the drugstore and the candy shop. And the friend who made the loan receives the reward for all of this and all of the additional infinite ways in which his act of kindness reverberates into the future.

Each person in this world is IMPORTANT, SIGNIFICANT and a major player in the worlds events. You may not be on the cover of a magazine or a known celebrity, but each person is in fact an important public figure whose actions have the potential to light up the worlds of people he may have never even contemplated.

So as you go about your day today remember that your decisions MATTER!

Try and find some kind act to do that will set positive forces in motion and stand back and watch the infinite reach of Kindness!