Anthony Ogundey

Edgware, Greater London


Warm Hearts Prevail on A Cold Winter’s Night

“Anthony felt deeply touched and humbled by the sincerity of his words and Anthony’s eyes welled up with tears.”

In many instances kindness, just like magic, happens when you least expect it. Sometimes the opportunity presents itself but whether we choose to take it can make a world of difference. For Anthony his car breaking down on a cold winter’s night could’ve been the beginning of a bad story, but instead, it’s the beginning of one he’ll never forget.

Anthony was on his way home when his car stopped running. He did everything he could to get the car going again but to no avail. He flagged down a kind taxi driver who tried his best to offer assistance, but they were both stumped. The taxi driver kindly offered to drop Anthony to the taxi headquarters where he could keep warm, grab a coffee, and perhaps find an experienced mechanic to check the car.

While at the office, two kind drivers offered to fix his car. They made their way to the car and an hour later it was as good as new. Luckily for Anthony, the same taxi driver who was kind enough to drive him to the headquarters offered his services free of charge to bring him back. Anthony insisted to compensate him, but he refused simply telling Anthony that whether he knew it or not, Anthony was known in the neighborhood as being an upstanding person and in his own way Anthony has impacted the lives of people in his small town.

Anthony felt deeply touched and humbled by the sincerity of his words and Anthony’s eyes welled up with tears. Anthony felt even more touched by the fact that he’d been helped by people of a different race and culture to his, which further illustrated that we’re all part of the “human race.”

Anthony finally headed home without experiencing any further issues. He did however head home with a warm, peaceful heart and the feeling of love, appreciation, and gratitude.

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