Pavan Kumar Raja

Telangana, India


That Awkward Moment

We’ve all experienced an awkward moment. If we’re lucky they are fleeting, if not they can hang in the air and make time stand still, and not in a good way. Like everything else in life what we do with those moments is a choice. Pavan’s shares his experience with one such awkward experience and how his choice to embrace that moment made a lasting difference.

A few years ago Pavan was on his way to surprise his best friend on his birthday. As he arrived filled with festive greetings he was instead surprised to find his friend crying beside the body of his father who had collapsed from a heart attack. Pavan had also been rather close to his friends father and grieved along side his friend also supporting him during the time before his father’s pyre.

As the time passed Pavan realized how from this time forward his friend’s birthday would be marked by the memory of his father’s death and filled with sadness. He and a group of their friends took it upon themselves to help their friend crawl out of the depression he had fallen into and reclaim himself.

Pavan said “That day, I came to know how life changes as even the happiest moments can overlap with the most grieving moment at any given time and made me realize worthiness of those small precious happiness in life…”

Realizing how fragile life can be, Pavan decided he didn’t want to take anything for granted. He began to live much more in the moment and decided to never miss the opportunity to celebrate a birthday with a friend. He thanks his friend for being the reason that he is a much better and kinder person today. Pavan says,

quote-openFriendship [is] always the best kindness relationship as it [is] always pure, unconditional and selflessquote-close

– Edited by Jewel Fries

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