Mykel Dicus

West New York, USA


Super Hero, Super Kindness

Mykel is a committed artist and business owner. For more than 20 years part of his plan for success has been to find housing for no more than $550 a month. However, reality greeted Mykel one day when his roommate informed him he wanted him to leave. Mykel’s friend Tomo was the first person he contacted and Tomo opened his doors to Mykel. Talk about kindness! Tomo didn’t want Mykel to pay rent! He gave Mykel his other room with a king size bed, private bathroom and gigantic kitchen to use, 10 times the space that Mykel had lived in EVER! Tomo offered his warmth, his silly laugh, his trust, his superstitions, his zest for adventure. Tomo’s generosity also helped Mykel get his financial house in order both personally and in his business.

quote-openTomo taught me to see the kindness within myself and reminds me everyday how giving is a beautiful miracle. I thank the universe and my superhero Tomo everyday for being there when I needed it most.quote-close

– Edited by Jewel Fries

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