Isabella Grass

Barranquilla, Colombia


Small Budget, Big Heart

“Despite her small budget, Isabella’s heart is larger than life and she would soon find out that it would be her greatest asset in making her wish a reality.”

Christmas is a favorite time of year for many people, including Isabella Grass. But for Isabella it was also a time of reflection; as she would think about the poverty in her home country of Colombia. Isabella was committed to making an effort during the holiday season to help children feel the privilege and joy of receiving a little gift, especially a new toy.

Several years ago, Isabella met a few nuns who had created a foundation of their own. These compassionate nuns gathered money and created a small school for poor children on the outskirts of the city. Today, they’ve since added a nursing home on the property which they have expanded.

Since the moment Isabella met the nuns, she has admired their work and dedication. Every Christmas, Isabella tries to gather funds to bring toys and bags for the children in the school. This past year, Isabella arrived back to her home country only days before Christmas, making it harder than ever to collect funds and purchase toys in time.

Although she tried her very best to encourage friends, parents, and family members to contribute to her worthy cause, she was still short on money to cover the costs.

quote-openBut that didn’t stop Isabella; her compassion for the children pushed her forward.quote-close

Needing to buy affordable toys for sixty kids with one day to go before Christmas, is no small feat.

quote-openDespite her small budget, Isabella’s heart is larger than life and she would soon find out that it would be her greatest asset in making her wish a reality.quote-close

After searching endlessly and traveling to the farthest zone of her city, she found a store that made it possible for her to purchase a toy and bag for each child. It turns out that Isabella’s unwavering commitment and compassion inspired her father to buy snacks for the children as well.

It was quite a journey, but at the end Isabella managed to make it to the foundation and spend Christmas morning dancing and participating in activities with the children. Above all, she finally received what she had been looking for all along; to bask in the smiles of the loving children who excitedly accepted the gifts.

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