Breelagh DuHaime



Making A Better Tomorrow Today

Driving home one night from her boyfriend’s house, Breelagh was contemplating forgiveness. Specifically all the times she remember God’s forgiveness, and how many times her boyfriend had shown her forgiveness and compassion. She felt horrible for some of her past choices and thought how marvelous it would feel to let all of that go. In that moment she decided to forgive herself for everything she had done to others, to God, and to herself. She knew she needed to let all of that go so she could feel happier, and be a kinder person to others. Now Breelagh is so grateful that she had that moment with herself in the car one late night in the cool air.

quote-openI had to forgive myself for my past so I could live a better tomorrow.quote-close

– Edited by Jewel Fries

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